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The first thing to consider when thinking about how to create your perfect patio is the position. Where in your garden is the perfect position for your patio depending on what you will be using it for? If you’re going to use the patio for eating outside and entertaining guests, a partly shaded area with a good deal of privacy might be suitable. Also, think about whether your patio will be better placed right next to the house, making it easier to transport food and drinks from the kitchen, or tucked away at the end of the garden where there is a better aspect.


A patio that faces west provides plenty of sun year-round, but can get hot in the late afternoon and evening. If the patio is in another area of the garden, think about accessibility. For instance, you may need to add a path to avoid crossing wet grass in the early morning.

Type of use

If you are going to use your patio as an outdoor eating area, it will need enough space for a table and chairs. You might want to have a BBQ or outdoor cooking area too. Alternatively, if you just want cosy seating to watch the evening sun go down or somewhere to have an early morning coffee the requirements will be different. You might like to be surrounded by climbing plants or a water feature, need full sun or shade or be facing a particular view



Consider the height of your new patio. Will it be need to be raised or level with the rest of the garden? If you are considering a raised area you will need to think about safety. You wouldn’t want to take a tumble after a few glasses of your favourite tipple. Don’t feel limited to a plain square or rectangular design; curved and other free-form patios can be a visually striking addition to your garden. Paved patio areas can have planted borders or be edged with extra seating or trellis. You will also need to think about drainage for your patio and if you will need to install suitable drainage solutions. R and M Paving Services can advise you on the types of drainage solutions you will need.


There are many different types of paving materials available but most fall into two categories – natural stone and composite materials. Consequently, the costs of different types of materials can vary greatly. Therefore, would suggest you take time to research what styles you like and what you don’t like and carefully consider your budget. Pick up some brochures brochures and have a look at online examples of paving areas. Pinterest is a good place to start for patio ideas. Once you have an idea of the sort of style and materials you would like, visit your local paving supplier. Have a look at the material in situ. Walk on it and see if you like the look and feel of it.

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