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High Quality Asphalt and Tarmac Surfacing

High Quality Asphalt and Tarmac Surfacing

Asphalt and Tarmac and bitumen surfaces are still a popular choice for all kinds of building projects. Whether you have a large driveway at your residential property, require a car park for your business or need a functional area – R&M Paving will complete your installation to the highest of standards.

Suitable for all kinds of applications, R&M Paving has provided tarmac and bitumen for the following types of project:

  • Drainage works
  • Car parks and cycle paths
  • Drive-way resurfacing
  • Kerbs and drains
  • Road surfacing
  • Playgrounds and sports courts
  • Bases for single or lose shale driveways

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Specialist Asphalt Tarmac Re-Surfacing Contractors

Tarmac Specialists

Want to tarmac your drive or create a large, useable outdoor surface that’s durable and long lasting? R&M Paving is the perfect choice. With a dedicated tar and stone team that has completed hundreds of projects, you’ll benefit from our fully professional approach.

Following on from your initial meeting, you will receive detailed plans that list all the construction specifications for your tarmac installation job. These consider how you plan to use your tarmac surface, the depth of the sub-base layer, the surface layer and any cosmetic options.

You have a choice of coloured tarmacs and even rubberised surfaces, which help to prolong the lifespan of your surface.

In accordance with our high standards of workmanship, we guarantee that all base foundations will be constructed to a minimum of 100mm for light area uses, 150mm for driveways and 225 for heavy traffic roadways.

By choosing the right base for your use it is possible to create asphalt surfaces that last well beyond 20 years.

  • Want to find out how R&M Paving will give you an asphalt surface that’s both durable and good looking?
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When to use tarmac?

Commercial applications – want to create a hard surface for a heavy traffic car park or sports court? Tarmac is a durable choice, perfect for playgrounds, tennis courts and business forecourts.

Driveway difficulties – although tarmac has been a popular choice for driveways in the past, the top layer is easily damaged by oil and petrol spills. It is worth considering a block paving driveways as an alternative - as this could cost you less in the long run.

Keep the look – if you live in an area where most properties have a block paving or brick-weave driveway, then choosing tarmac could devalue your property, making it look out of place with similar houses on your street.

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